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Monochromatic eyes launched as Monochromatic Eyes: From YKTTW

Because I suck. sawblade

Sikon: "Isis?"

Hammond: Close the Isis!
Daniel: Sir, I hardly understand how one can close a dead Goa'uld...

Seanette: Sorry if I spoiled anyone's joke, but I couldn't take the misspelling, so I fixed it.

Vampire Buddha: Removed this natter:

  • Batman has, in This Troper's opinion, suffered a lot due to this. While his Comic Book and animation keep the Monochromatic Eyes, Film Adaptations do not (due to the limitations of makeup and costuming), causing some Bad Ass Decay when you can actually see Batman's all-too-human irises. Whether this is an application or inversion of the Uncanny Valley, well... Take It to the Forums.
    • The point about the white eyes being dehumanizing is arguably deliberate, as it has always been Batman's intention to appear as something inhuman and therefore more frightening before his opponents. Similarly, there is a nice Shout-Out in the recent The Dark Knight movie where batman activates a sonar-based gizmo inside his cowl which gives the outward appearance of - yep, you guessed it - him having blank white eyes.
    • The blank eyes effect built into a physical actor's costume was pulled off quite well in the fanmade Batman: Dead End short film.