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Red Shoe: Is there evidence that this phenomenon owes anything to Yoda? Seems like it might.

Looney Toons: Good question. I think it predates The Empire Strikes Back, but I'd need to confirm that.

Osh: I'm sure it's just an exaggeration of the very real observation some people seem to shrink (cartilage compression) as they age.

Gus: You know, there is a thing here. It might be something like Short People Are Smart. The whole "out of the mouth of babes" deal, coupled with the Yoda Mentors trope...

I'm just sayin'.

Baofu: IIRC, Ranma 1/2's Happosai was always tiny.

Rissa: Removed this, as he's not a Senior Citizen.

  • Choi Bounge from The King of Fighters, who is often considered to be one of the smallest fighting game characters ever made.
    • Choi isn't old - he's just short.

Doktor von Eurotrash: Would Sophie in the Miyazaki adaptation of Howl's Moving Castle count, or is she just very bent?