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Avogadro:"In the Blood" Example- Now, this troper isn't saying he needs to see a naked seventeen year old boy running around the woods and it was probably just an artist error, but seriously, where the hell did those pants come from? Every time I reread that issue I just can't stop thinking about them and their mysterious origin

Korbl: What do people think of "Thank God his pants stayed on!" as the page quote? I know it's what I always think of first when I see this trope. (It is, of course, from the Simpsons.)

SynjoDeonecros: Cutting the following:

  • For some reason, on Yu-Gi-Oh GX, when Manjyome flings away his Hikari no Kessha uniform, his original outfit just instantly reappears, but Misawa's doesn't when he does the same thing.

There was already an explanation for Manjyome's reappearing clothes; Judai had brought his iconic trenchcoat in an attempt to remind him of who he was, and presumably the rest of his outfit, as well, so he can change into it if and when he was de-Brainwashed. Misawa, by contrast, didn't have any extra clothes when he tossed his Society outfit away, and besides that, running through the campus naked after his "epiphany" was supposed to invoke the legend of Archimedes running through the streets of Rome screaming "Eureka" after discovering the properties of fluid displacement.

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is listed twice