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Kilyle: If this is distinct from the trope about using speech bubbles for things that logically would have been thought bubbles, then I can't find that other trope and there really ought to be a link to it on this page.

My submission for that trope - if it is different - is this strip from the webcomic Zap, in which a character is hiding from badguys, sees a ship, and blurts out something like, "That ship! It's about to launch! It's my only hope!" Which is probably something we need to know he's thinking, but not really the sort of thing you shout out while trying to hide from the guards around the corner.

Haven: Took this out, since I'm not even sure it's an example. If someone wants to restore it, the natter should be cut because nothing except the first bullet has anything to do with this trope.

  • The Flash once picked up some donuts while crimefighting, remarking over the radio that his superspeed metabolism will burn right through them in a few seconds.
    • Now that's just dumb. If he burned up food at that sort of rate when running he'd have to eat constantly or he'd be digesting his own muscles. Which is as unpleasant as it sounds.
      • Um, you do realize that the Flash is constantly eating ridiculous amounts of food just to keep from wasting away? It's often used as a running gag.
      • Speed. Force.
      • Now with extra wizards!
      • This is the Flash we're talking about. It's not stretching to say he may well take a few microseconds to go pick up a snack. Restaurant workers are probably briefed on incidents where food suddenly disappears and some money is left on the table.
      • They really played this up in the live action TV series. It's been shown that his typical breakfast is about three boxes of cereal and a whole gallon of milk poured into a huge bowl, and on at least one occasion he emptied out an entire vending machine of candy bars and potato chips. It may be a subversion or complete aversion of this trope, however, since I don't recall if he ever specifically stated (to himself, anyway) that he wouldn't starve to death thanks to his superfast eating abilities.
      • Touched upon in Justice League. John is annoyed by how long Flash is taking at a hot-dog stand (ironic...), and when Flash is done paying, he tells him "Relax, it's just a litle" *turns around with his arms full of what appear to be dozens of hot-dogs* "snack."