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  • Seth: So many items from YKTTW that aren't being launched - pick up the slack guys.
Duckluck: How is this different from Took a Level in Badass?
  • BetentacledBrad: Took a Level in Badass is when a character who's previously established to be near-useless becomes (usually abruptly) much more of a Bad Ass. This pertains more to a character already established to be in some manner superpowered who suddenly shows a new power that he didn't have previously (Superman is one of the most egregious offenders that I can think of, considering that he's managed to Ass Pull flight, time travel, heat vision, freeze breath...).
  • I previously entered the following in lost and found...
- Do we have any tropes about the power 'high' that some characters get when gain large amounts of power. They my giggle uncontrollably, dance around and show off, talk very fast and incoherency e.g ogmygodthisisthebestthingeverguysIcanfly wheee! Basically the light (and non evil) version of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity.

...And I'm hoping their could be some way to include this idea within the trope, any thoughts?