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Madrugada I disagree that this is simply a Flat Character. A Flat Character is one which has "the bare minimum number of characteristics necessary to make them interesting enough to carry off their purpose. " This character very often doesn't even have that much characterization. They are recurring characters who are set dressing. Yes, the examples need to be cleaned up, but there's no reason to go example-less, either. It's not about any random character who isn't the leads. See the girl behind Travolta? She's a living prop. She was never developed as a character enough to be flat. She could just as easily have been a cardboard cutout.

Thatother 1 Dude: So basically this just means recurring background characters? Alright, but the examples could use a little some pruning, the biggest of which is getting rid of ones that are actually more like Satellite Characters. Also, if they got a part in the plot later, would that make them an Ascended Extra?