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Looney Toons: "Superman, who was an original and very popular idea" Um. Superman is generally agreed to have been at least partly inspired by the title character of the novel ''Gladiator'' by Philip Wylie.

Ununnilium: Indeed. But just because one idea is inspired by another doesn't mean it's not original. Else nothing in our society could remotely qualify.

Hugo Danner has the powers, and part of the upbringing, but that's only part of the equation.

The Herald: But then you could say the same thing about the other superheroes not really being ripped off of Superman as the article claims. Not all of them have super-strength, invulnerability, super-speed, or can fly, you know...

Looney Toons: In re: the Robin entry, should we make reference to the "first" female Robin — the one who appeared in Miller's Dark Knight Returns? I can't remember her name. She is arguably the "last" Robin, but how canonical that is, is really up in the air.

Ununnilium: Nah. If we get into Alternate Universes, we'll be here all day.

Daibhid C: Having said that, I'd like to mention the Elseworld story Dark Knight Dynasty which reinvented Batman as a legacy character, creating both an ancestor of Bruce's called Sir Joshua of Wainwright who wore bat-motif armour, and a descendent named Brenna Wayne who became a 25th century Batwoman. All three of them faced Vandal Savage.

Ununnilium: Ooooo. Makes sense; I'll add.

H. Torrance Griffin: I wonder why no one noted Batgirl II (Huntress, and Babs was ticked when she got word) or Batgirl III.

Ununnilium: Then add it; that's what a wiki's for.

  • It is the opinion of this troper that the Brand New Day arc in Amazing Spider-Man is a reinvention of the Spider-Man line—thus, Brand New Day's Amazing-Spider man is not the same as the one who ceased to exist at the end of One More Day.

No. That's not how it works; it's not a new character, in-story. Post-Crisis Superman is much further removed from the original, yet he doesn't count here.

Also, de-spoiling the Batman example; "Damien is Batman's son" was never a point of surprise.

This is slowly becoming the Anti-Joke Formula. Do you want to bring Bizzaro Darkseid down on our heads? Do you!?

Charred Knight: Actually, it was the first TV tropes Joke listed under Overused Running Gag, also you deleting this gave me an idea, and I added that the jokes listed on Overused Running Gag should be deleted.

Ununnilium: Good idea.

Trogga: Would Donkey Kong count?

Ununnilium: Arguably.

  • If this troper remembers correctly, the Zelda part is due to one king, after his wife, the original Zelda, died, decreed that every princess was to be named Zelda.
    • I could be wrong, but I believe that the original Zelda was the princess who hid the Triforce of Courage, and that her brother decreed that all first-born females in the royal line be named Zelda after a magician he hired to make her give away the location of the Triforce put her into an enchanted slumber.
    • That gets problematic when you consider the screwed-up continuity of the series. Nobody has much of a clue which order the games go in, and it was recently revealed that there are two timelines in the series. So it's possible that there were other Zeldas or Links before the tradition was started. The entire series is filled with Legacy Characters, with people like Malon and Beedle popping up in completely different games. This even happens in Majora's Mask, which is set in an alternate universe.

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Ganondorfdude11: I added an image of the five in-continuity Robins, as they are pretty emblematic of this trope, but it's a pretty low-quality cut/paste job. If anyone knows of any artwork showing all of the Robins together, feel free to replace the current image. I know of artwork showing previous Robins, but none of them together with current Robin Damian.