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whitetigah: removed the "it happened" bit, because I wasn't referring to Ranma / Mousse fics but to the fact that Ranma and Mousse are both fandom bicycles.

Yo Adrian: Jayne? Really?? Granted, I'm not deep in the fandom, but I would not have expected him to be the fandom bike.

Haven: Whoever added the Misfile example - I'm not sure if you needed to spoil-tag something that's revealed in the first, what, ten strips, and is the whole premise, but it seems like it was fun to do so so I'm gonna leave that in.

Molly Walker: Examples list is getting a little long, and should probably get put into categories. I'd do it but could probably only sort out a few of them, and I'm not totally sure I can handle the markups. Someone more knowledgeable than me interested? I'll try it if I'm the only one but...yeah.

Taelor: Done.

Cassius335: Am I the only one who finds the current title a bit odd? Launcher of a Thousand Ships sounds more like a matchmaker (i.e someone who pairs people together) rather that someone who is paired with everyone (which is what the trope is going for).

Teln: No, you're not. Especially since I think Fandom Bicycle was the most popular choice in the Crowner we had (and if you ask me, it's far better than yet another ship pun.