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Seth: Altered the Friends example because the heart doner line wasn't said, actually it was joey who said that he couldn't come back because - insert the brain damaged line- and as far as i know he never says "Its a soap i could come back" either. Here is a transcript of that episode.

Seth: Changed the friends example again (Making it the fifth time ive had to) this seems like some wide scale mondegreen for a TV show. Those lines are never spoken, neither of them. Read the transcripts.

Wiki: See now you're doing that praise Avatar thing. Despite being heavily alluded to, at the same time the portrayal Jet's death nonetheless was held back (as that interview indicates) for the sake of taste. This makes it considerably less obvious and at that point the writers easily could've gone either way with his overall character. They can pretty much do anything with the minors, I mean the guy had just crossed paths with Zuko. Case in point, opinion related to his death is not like say Elliptic Trees level and his death can easily be listed under Avatar's page.

Lale: Huh?

Seth: Might need some clarification there Wiki.

Wiki: As always. Eh, lets just stick "Killed Off for Real: Jet" on Avatar's page.

Seth: Its not like you ever need more than that. I had actually forgotten Jet died. Its been a while now.

Ununnilium: I dunno, I think this is a pretty good example to put on this page.

Lale: Thanks for the backup, Ununnilium and Kizor.

Wiki: M'kay lemme try this a different way, though a nice entry, its pretty off. You make the claim that the speculation surrounding Jet's obvious death was the result of the effect of American comic cartoons death tropes. The thing was, it wasn't obvious. Though the interviewer guy praised the creators and their views that dark moments can be "written and directed in a very tasteful and dramatic way, where it's clear what's going on without having to show gratuitous violence," I'm afraid that I'm gonna haveta go with the vast majority when I say that I didn't find it all that convincing. Maybe for me its because I've been watching more anime thanks to youz guys, i don't know, but for whatever reasons, the general consesus is that they kinda made it just a little too hard to buy, which resulted in the speculation. Then of course, there was this thing. 'Xact same if not deadlier attack, but with a heavier character. All that contributed to the speculation, not what you're giving.

Lale: Then replace it with your own theory, but more coherently. I don't care.

Wiki: Wouldn't call it a theory but m'kay. I'll get around to it.

Travis Wells: Shouldn't there be a ton more spoilers on this page?

fleb: The Great Crash probably ate them. In other news, I put up a shorter quote from The Wizard of Oz (movie, obviously), replacing this:

Aorist's guide to the Afterlife: And besides, you can never become alive again. Ever.
Aorist: I can be reincarnated, right? Can I keep my memories for that?
Aorist's guide to the Afterlife: You don't get to be reincarnated at all. You are to remain dead forever. This cannot change.
Aorist: You know, you're kind of a downer.

Lord Seth: Deleted: Because in the episode he was killed, it's revealed he's not really dead (though he is pretty much Put on a Bus). That's definitely not Killed Off for Real.

Lots42: re; the Dark Knight entry. In terms of the story, it is generally believed -both- villains made it through the movie alive.


Removed the following:

  • The pilot for Alias spends a fair bit of time setting up Danny as Sydney's fiancÚ, only to have him killed. Particularly notable as just about every main character is killed off and revived at least once.

  • For a series fond of bringing certain characters back from the dead the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series also had a surprising amount of characters killed off for real. Hamato Yoshi, Zog, Tang Shen, Mashimi, Volpehart... quite grisly (in a Bloodless Carnage sort of way) for a 'toon produced by 4Kids.

The trope is for major characters. These aren't.

Also removed:

  • Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm, which was originally supposed to be the finale to Batman: The Animated Series, tried to do this on the clown prince as well. He admits he's "without a punchline", being held by the titular vengeful Anti-Hero in the middle of an exploding ruined world faire. He starts howling with laughter and the Phantasm uses her teleportation powers to make them vanish. She is later seen on the deck of a ship, leaving America, by all indications having satisfied her lust for vengeance. It's almost a shame the Joker got resurrected for the New Batman Adventures and other later works.

Because a) it's not an example, and b), it's innacurate: given that production for the second season of Batman: TAS (Adventures of Batman and Robin) was done concurrently with that of Phantasm, there was no way the creators were intending to kill the character off.

  • Not a big contributer to the wiki, but would Naruto be an example of this trope, seems like people tend to stay dead.

  • Also not a big contributer, but Kenny seems like a great example of this, when he actually does die (for longer than one episode, that is) in the episode "Kenny Dies" (5.13). Added surprise because he already dies in (almost) every episode before that, but is not 'killed off for real'.