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Kendra Kirai: This is not only just wrong (Not the repeat of what said, but WHAT said)
  • When sung the praises of Without A Trace, it wrote thusly about Its Personal: "We're living in an age where cop and doctor shows insist upon personalizing every storyline. Not an episode of the inexplicably popular CSI or its buck-toothed, nine-toed sibling CSI Miami can air, apparently, unless the crime involves some friend, relative, mentor, neighbor, drinking and/or f**k buddy, college roommate, beloved maternal aunt, co-worker, or passing acquaintance of one of the characters. The quickest way to meet your maker at the hands of some street thug, it seems, is to be close, personal friends with Gil Grissom or Horatio Caine. It's the same on ER, where ruptured spleens, stopped hearts and various cancers play second fiddle to the tedious personal lives of the ever-expanding cast. And don't even get us started about The Practice. Every show on the air seemingly can't resist the siren's song of every plot device, unexpected twist and denouement having some heretofore unexplained tie-in to the personal lives of its characters."

I have actually been watching CSI, and it's quite rare that anyone the CSI knows is even remotely connected. CSI Miami is different, but CSI, the only three recurring times was the repeated suspicion of Sam Braun (Who is an old school Vegas casino owner...IE, if not mobbed up, not above a little murder), and Cathrine's husband Eddie, and Gil's friend (Who he met during a case) Lady heather. The other few times were almost all people going after one of the CSI's for revenge or stalking or whatnot. Maybe a dozen episodes all told, over six seasons.

Man Called True: It's whiny, it's wrong, and it's redundant since the shows mentioned in it are already mentioned in the examples. I'm scrapping it. If anyone wants it back up, it's right there.

Silent Hunter: I'm sure Without a Trace featured an episode where Jack's girlfriend was kidnapped. It was a season finale, as well. On second thoughts, it wasn't integral to the plot.

Seth: Maybe just link to the article?

Jim: The title should be "It's Personal" Its mean that it owns whatever folows, whereas it's is an abbreviation of it is which is what we are after. I would change it, but I don't know how.

Ununnilium: Ungvichian, why did you re-add the above? >>

Man Called True: He's had two weeks to explain himself and hasn't. I'm pulling it again.