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From YKTTW Working Title: Instant Ice Just Add Cold

Necromas: I don't think that Ice created by magic should count (as in the Negima example).

Majutsukai: Feel free to remove anything you feel isn't an example. Keep in mind, though, that magic-related ice can still apply to this trope; for instance, using magic to fire a freezing cold beam or a blast of cold air at someone and causing them to be encased in a chunk of ice, rather than, say, just freezing, still raises the question of where the ice comes from. If, however, the magic in question involves only summoning a chunk of ice and hurling it at someone, then it's Elemental Baggage and not Instant Ice: Just Add Cold!.

To summarize: if the magic is creating ice by virtue of its coldness, then it's this trope; if summoning the ice itself is the magic, then it's not.

So, remove if you want, but remove with care. I'm not familiar enough with the Negima example to defend it.