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MCE: would captain Janeway (of voyager) be included? Her hair stays in perfect shape, unless things are really going wrong

I don't think dreadlocks are that improbable. With some hair types, don't they just form naturally after a while of not washing?

Silent Hunter: Don't really know, especially for African hair.

BTT He P: No, they take a great deal of work, but in the era of infrequent hair washing they really only need to be done every few years. They're also older than reggae, some evidence suggests the Spartans wore something a lot like them, and braiding is a tradition in a lot of tribal cultures.

aswilson: Don't confuse dreads with braids. Dreads just sort of happen when you don't wash your hair. As someone with long wavy hair, I can say that this will happen fairly quickly. Of course, the "natural" style of dreads is kind of ugly, and of course you have to stop washing your hair, and so there's the more organized style, which tends to result from letting braids grow out, or from meticulously twisting the hair, which is rather more maintenance-intensive.

MKH 90: Dreads can be washed almost just as much as any other hairstyle, you just have to use residue-free shampoo. The thing you can't do to your hair if you want natural dreads, is combing your hair. This coming from a person, who actually has dreads, AKA. has personal experience about them.

Madrugada: One way to tell if dreads are natural or maintained is what has to be done to change to a different hairstyle. Real dreads are nearly impossible to comb out, and nearly always must be cut off, usually fairly close to the scalp. Maintained dreads are more likely to be able to be picked out without cutting.

Master TMO: Not sure if this would count or not. I once read an X-men comic where Wolverine carried a child out of a burning building, suffering severe burns and having all his hair burnt off. Over 3 panels we see him healing, including his hair growing back into exactly the same style!

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