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Seraphie: The article seems to be a bit misleading...the title (and half the examples) would incline you to believe it's about clothes that are ridiculously over-the-top amazing, as well as instructible, but then the article also lists examples that can be plain and boring, but still indestructible. Having the two in the same page seems a bit off to me, and having clothing such as Shaggy's green shirt under "Impossibly Cool Clothes" just doesn't seem to fit. Perhaps make a different article for indestructible clothing (sort of the opposite of Clothing Damage?) and keep Impossibly Cool Clothes reserved for...well, clothes that are impossibly cool?
Meocross: some retard has been cleaning the pictures i put up, stay out of my way unless you want a wiki-war.

Harpie Siren: Zippers do seem to be "in" in the world of Kingdom Hearts .... Zippers and random strappy things

Ununnilium: Oh, yes. It's weird yet cool.

Steel Beast 6 Beets: Sometimes I can't help but think that Mr Nomura deserves his own trope.
Chrome Newfie: I don't want to be accused of attempting free advertising here, but some of the stuff being done these days are really pushing the limits of what can or cannot be produced. I have some friends back on The Rock that run a business (link for reference) that creates designs based on film, TV, and anime. They have done some damned impressive repros. I lust for the Trigun-style Stampede duster.

Harpie Siren: Ooh... Must. Have. Organization XIII. Trenchcoat.

Ununnilium: Interesting. o.o But jeez, the cost!

Chrome Newfie: True, though not out of line with custom tailored clothing, which is what these are. Still, there's a reason I don't have a closet filled with hand-stiched Italian shirts... ;)

Ununnilium: Oh, custom-tailored. I see.

Kat Kit: Um, do you think 'Indestructible Clothing' is enough of a trope in its own right to be split off? I can think of about four examples off the top of my head.

Kizor: With Magic Pants already there, I dunno.

OverWilliam: *looks for Sasuke Uchiha blue/black, big neckband, Uchiha symbol on back shirt* *is sadly disappointed* :( Some good stuff there, though.

Treguard: Odd case of Truth in Television for about a month after The Incredibles came out, I'll swear there were fewer players with capes in City of Heroes. To the point it was noticeable.

AKK: This troper has seen Stellar(Gundam Seed Destiny)'s "military uniform" in a cosplay shop. The sleeves are barely attached(approximately 3/4 of the sleeve from shortly above the elbow to the top of the shoulder is removed), which, if the uniform had not had more material around the armpits, would result in indecent exposure approximately everytime the wearer swung their arms(in other words, every other step). Post-script: Iori Yagami's silly belt around the knees deserves mention. It's not impossible to design in real-life, just utterly impractical, since you'd be tripping over your own pants every other step.

OverWilliam: Shouldn't Space Marines from Warhammer 40k get honorary mention for literally impossibly cool clothing?

Lord TNK: The current pic doesn't fit. A fancy jacket, and cloak, and a headband are pretty damn possible.
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