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Symbolis: BLEACH features quite a few Image Song albums, released as BLEACH Beat Collection(s). Each major character(and some not-so-major...) has at least 3 songs. I'd add it myself, but I'm a new Troper and running late for a meeting.

Red Shoe: This sounds a lot like a character's theme music in opera. Any evidence that's where they got the idea?

Dark Sasami: No, this really is a different phenomenon. Though some songs do appear in the shows on occasion, that's the exception, not the rule. ImageSongs are separate works, in a sense that parallels, say, Star Trek novels written by Star Trek writers. They just feature voice actors' talent rather than (well, in addition to) writers'.

Many characters do have separate, instrumental theme music within the show, which also shows up on the OST. It usually says so explicitly ("Kero-chan No Teema").

Dark Sasami: Struck the Final Fantasy IV and opera entries. They are not Image Songs, because they are written to appear within the media. An Image Song only exists outside of the work—at least at first, though BGM versions of them do sometimes appear later.

If the soprano who first sang Brünnhilde started performing a completely different song, that was not in the opera, but in character as Brünnhilde, that would be an Image Song.

Since this is the second time I've fended off opera here, I've created leitmotif.

Tamsin: Isn't it just Digimon Adventure 02 with a song by each Chosen Child, their digimon, and by them both together? (I believe there are 36, not 33, as there are 12 Chosen Children.) Digimon Adventure just had an image song per Chosen Child (8 in total), plus one song sung by their 8 digimon. I think Digimon Tamers has a song for each tamer, digimon and duet - but there were fewer children involved in that one, so there'd be fewer songs overall. In Frontier they didn't have digimon partners (as the children turned into digimon themselves) so each of the children had just one song each. I'm not sure about Savers.

Ununnilium: Yes, thus "one season". Editing a bit to make it clearer.

Mega Troop X: Would Portal's "Still Alive" count as this, or something else?