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Mith: This is a neat example but I think not for this page (so I removed it):

  • Real Life example: When Vlad Dracula, known as Vlad the Impaler, was Prince of Vlachia in the 15th century, he was famous for making the roads of his domain safe for travel by anyone, primarily by executing thousands of his countrymen for crimes, suspected crimes, and being the criminal type (poor). When a German merchant was robbed of a purse of 10 gold pieces, Vlad himself ordered guards out to catch the thief, had him impaled on a tall stake, then gave the merchant back his purse. When the man realized there were 11 gold in the purse, he thought he should give the extra one back. Dracula said to him: "It is well that you did this. If you had kept the coin that was not yours, you would have joined the thief on the stakes."