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Hollywood Hacking launched as HollywoodHackingDiscussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: Hollywood Hacking: From YKTTW

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** You'd think the computer club would have realised something was up though seeing as she had access to the bin and not the source. But then the masquerade is mostly for Haruhi's sake.

It is possible to change the execution flow of a binary program by overwriting carefully selected segments of memory — in fact, a variation on this is how many computer-security exploits work (via a jump-to-register attack or something similar). Doing this on the fly, to a running program, would be fantastically difficult without special tools. While it's probably impossible for any human, however, it's not theoretically impossible — which is the whole point of the example.

"...who wants to sit there and exploit security flaws when you could use a green tank to shoot stuff?"
That sounds like a game I would play, one based on actual or plausible security exploits. It would appeal to a microscopic niche to be sure, but I like the idea of a hacking simulator just because.