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Some Sort Of Troper: It's quite odd we don't have this one, why it even got on YKTTW twice with considerable attention

Here is one

Here is the other

Shadow Dog: Wow, I have a pretty stellar vocabulary, but I had some trouble with "In most contexts, High Concept refers to an idea that is succinct, yet has enough gravitas to render other details a secondary concern." First, I had to look up succinct (essentially, a good and short explanation). Second, gravitas, according to the first definition I saw, means a Roman's dignity. Being lazy, i decided to infer it means merit in this context. Third, "to render other details a secondary concern", could be a lot more, er, succinct. I'm going to revise this to "Usually, High Concept means an idea that is short, sweet, to-the-point, and overshadows any possible flaws." Feel free to correct the edit if I'm missing the point of the sentence.

Some Sort Of Troper: Well what we have now is better and less ironic. I did have a line with all the "succint etc" sort of stuff in there before but saw its flaws soon after. Overshadows any possible flaws isn't meant to be the point though, Etheral Mutations change to "sell on its own merits" is more like what it should be, the High Concept working as the hook.