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Fast Eddie: I started to do a standard tenses fix-up on this and got lost.


Gah. Whoever, (Lale?), please pick a ''now', dear, and stick near it. :-)

Lale: I am not "dear," and I have never edited this page before in my life.
Sunder the Gold: Uh, this article seems excessively negative. Did someone write this while in a bad mood, or something? Can someone in a better mood come and lighten it up a bit?

Solandra: Wellll, I doubt anyone nowadays takes the line "And they lived happily ever after" without inwardly thinking "Not in real life" or at least waiting for the catch. That line has become a mother cliche in fairy tales.

Pro-Mole: And, BTW, that's just my bitter sarcastic mood I have as internet writing persona. You can't write a descredited/dead horse entry about cheesy things without one of these.
And, yeah, I should hire am internet persona psychologist...

Caswin: I'm with Sunder. It does seem overly negative, and a bit awkward at times, especially the "teen comedy" paragraph. Not sure how I'd got about reworking it, though.

Danel: While the phrase Happily Ever After may be discredited and rarely played straight, at the moment this seems to suggest - thanks to the redirect from Happy Ending - that any sort of Happy Ending at all is naive and foolish. Which is slightly silly.

Canonier: Removed most of the negativity and split the examples by medium. Still needs some work, though.