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The Uncredible Hallq: The Batman example:
  • In the Batman Graphic Novell "The Killing Joke", Batman attempts to visit the Joker in Arkham and have a talk to end their weird hero-villain dynamic that can only end with one of them dying at the hand of the other.
Doesn't seem to fit. I may be misreading things, but this seems to be for social activity with the villain, not ceasefire-negotiation.

Live-Action TV Removed. How does this have anything to do with this trope? If there is some connection, say him randomly meeting with a villain to have sex, please include it.
  • What about Reaper, with Sam's odd "I hate you but let's chat" relationship with the Devil?


The second quote on the page was removed by someone with a grudge against the person being quoted. You may want to put it back.

I think that one quote is enough.

Charred Knight: I'll be blunt, the second quote was not funny at all, the only thing it did was rehash Yahtzee's quote without the humor. Also if I remember correctly the person putting it up was the person who the quote is from. I would rather we don't have people adding quotes from themselves since chances are they are not funny, and are caused by Small Name, Big Ego.