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From YKTTW Working Title: Pigtails

ccoa: Don't launch my YKTTW's, please. I prefer to handle them myself.

Dragon Quest Z: I didn't. I just put that message up because I thought no one was going to.

ccoa: Have some patience. Not all of us have the large block of time needed to launch and hook up a trope at the drop of a hat.

Dragon Quest Z: It wasn't impatience. I would have launched immediately after I made that reply if it had been the case. I was genuinely worried this was just going to flounder, like a lot of good ykttws.

I am fully aware that twin tails precede EVA by a considerable margin. The Tsundere/tails link however pretty much post-dates Eva.

Change looks fine. But the description talks about Tsundere no less than 3 times, so it's not just "girlish" tails.