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Don Quigleone: I thought aversions weren't supposed to be listed? Just saying...

Erica MZDM: I think they're only supposed to be listed if they're particularly rare or unusual.

Also: When this happens with real critters, it's called Sexual Dimorphism.

Also Also: Since I haven't seen the movie, could someone remove whichever of the Treasure Planet entries is closer to false?

Harpie Siren: No prob, Bob! The false example was the one that said it was an aversion... And I have to say, Disney dose this a lot

Servbot: Thing is, the aversions of this trope aren't rare or unusual. Half-Human Hybrids? Mix-and-Match Critters? Heck, look at half the examples in Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action! Me thinks this trope's examples need a chainsaw edit.

Idle Dandy: There is actually a real-life genetic anomaly related to this trope. A specific genetic characteristic manifests differently depending on whether the affected chromosome comes from the mother or the father. One results in Angelman's Syndrome and the other results in Prader-Willi Syndrome. See here.

Bring The Noise: Bye bye Natter:
  • This troper is pretty sure that gag is based on a mad-magazine strip that came out right after the first movie...
  • If said troper bothered to stick around for The Stinger of the first movie, (s)he would have found (s)he was sadly mistaken.
    • That stinger was at the end of the second movie, but the MAD gag came right after the first movie.

Qit el-Remel: Current text:
  • "Treasure Planet: the three girls are clearly modeled after Amelia and the boy is clearly modeled after Delbert."
LAWLWUT? It was the other way around! I clearly remember a naughty little kittenboy pulling a puppygirl's floppy ear.

Freezair For A Limited Time: OK, I just watched the scene in question to finally put this one to bed, and it's definitely this trope played straight, unless Tertiary Secondary Characteristics are being abused here. The three kittens all have bows in their curly hair and larger eyes. They're definitely all girls. The puppy is probably a boy, going by this.

Could Harry Potter go on this list? He looks exactly like his father, and in the Epilogue of DH is shown to also have a kid who looks exactly like him (giving us THREE generations of identical male Potters). And Draco Malfoy is also supposed to be a clone of his father at that age. It's not a breed, but still retarded.

Sorry about the children in little shop of horrors I meant to put that in Donkey and Dragon's children

Seanette: So why didn't you actually fix your error instead of leaving it for someone else to clean up after you?

At first it wouldn't let me, then after a couple of hours I was able to fix it and it's fine now.

Removed from Eberron example: **Changelings work this way too. A Changeling's kid is always the same species as his parent of the same gender. Races of Eberron, page 45, "a changeling and a humanoid can mate to produce an offspring with the child having a 50% chance to be of either race."

How do people feel about changing Northern Lights to His Dark Materials? It will reduce confusion for any tropers who don't happen to know that there are two titles.