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my psychedelic rock addiction started with "lucy in the sky with diamonds", would that count?

Morgan Wick: Disclaimer: My anime example may not be 100% accurate, but I imagine that it happened.
  • Da_Nuke: Well, at least it applies to every Mexican person born between 1984 and 1993. I myself began watching Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon, and then moved to more obscure anime after watching Evangelion. Nice one! *gives cookie*

That Other 1 Dude: What was Avatar a Gateway Series for? (You can put it back as soon as you explain what you're talking about)

A K47x 2: Personally, my gateway for anime was Death Note. That's one of the reasons I stick around here; I feel like I need to pay you guys back for letting me know about that.

^I came here to post the SAME THING. And also: Doesn't this website count? So far, this website has introduced me to anime, manga, comic books, and webcomics. Starting with Death Note and Order of the Stick.

And I didn't post the Avatar thing, but I imagine it was a gateway for parents who watched it with their kids. Or something.
Looney Toons: I just have to comment:

I am precisely the right age for both of those series to have been favorites at the time, although I was a bit too young to even understand what anime was when I was nuts about Speed Racer.

Shockz: This really needs a Troper Tales page.

Trogga: A lot of those could have been just reworded though.
arromdee:Deleted the comment about Ranma being broadcast in the US in the 1990s. I was in fandom at the time and I think I would have heard about it. (It has been broadcast in Spanish and Korean, but I wouldn't really count those.)
KJMackley: I can imagine that this page was made primarily to showcase Anime — > America, but I rewrote it slightly to make it seem more of a general term that can happen with any of the more exclusive genres like Anime, Comic Books and Video Games.
arsidias: Can anyone tell me why Smallville, a sci-fi show based on a comic book, is given as an example of 'as mainstream as mainstream can be'?