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I removed this"*This troper can attest to that––two times out of three, when she tells a French person she's from Chicago, the reaction is: "Ah, Al Capone!" She also had an interesting discussion about crime and violence in American cities versus French ones; it is indeniable that there's more gun crime in the U.S." since it was discussing things in the summary. If it needs to be put back in then go ahead.

Some Sort Of Troper: I was thinking of listing this as a subtrope of Wretched Hive but it depends on whether the examples naturally always fall into it. I was thinking that if the Gangster Land is the place where nearly everybody is a gangster and mob bosses are some of the most powerful men in the city and rackets are a significant part of the city business (the vibe that I'm getting- especially with it being Hollywood Atlas- the simplified bastardisation of reality) than yes it is. On the other hand, if the Gangster Land is just the place where there is a lot of structured gangs, just enough to make stories about gangsters very involved but like reality unless noted, then no. Thoughts?