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Enlong: Is it just me, or is the warning for language on the Penny Arcade link kind of silly? Two reasons: A: It's Penny Arcade, it's gonna have language. And B: The offending line is reproduced, verbatim one sentence after the warning.

Kriegsmesser: I was about to ask the same question. -.-

Tanto: Well, let's all complain about it in the discussion page. That'll solve this problem.

movie007: Well, not everyone may be familiar with Penny Arcade.

superslinger2007: Man, bullies are everywhere.

Anyone want to enlighten me about the Lesser Internet Fuckwad Theory? —Octane

BRPXQZME: If we draw an analogy between Greater/Lesser and General/Special, it's probably just a more specific or less expounded side of the same coin. Maybe: Normal person + anonymity = kind of a jerk (running through stop signs in the middle of the night, picking up $100 bills without telling anyone, etc.). Greater would then apply this to an audience, which amplifies the urge to be a complete and utter ass.