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Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: We need this. We can move the sillier entries from Nightmare Fuel to here, and then Nightmare Fuel itself will mean something. It's just displacing the silliness, yes, but for now it'll work.

L Guardinal: Deleted and rewrote the intro, because the old one was really drawing out the "Fridge ______" metaphor too far. This one isn't very entertaining, but at least it gets the point across. Please feel free to delete it and write a better one, if you can.

I'm slightly concerned about overlap with this and Inferred Holocaust. —Document N

Gattsuru : I think this page is more about situations where the horror or holocaust is fully intentional but simply not obvious to all watchers, while Inferred Holocaust is specifically about situations that are supposed to be happy endings but on retrospect should involve a hell of a lot of dead people.

jackattack: The Doctor Who reference doesn't belong here. The whole thing about needing the Key to Time to save the universe was a LIE told by the BLACK GUARDIAN, who was posing as the White Guardian when he sent the Doctor on that errand in the first place. Dispersing the key didn't hurt anything, and restored whatserface to life. (Hmm. A key turned into a living girl. Nope, never been repeated since.)

JET73L: Does anyone know what the Fridge Horror on the part of the viewer in the first response to the Eminem video was supposed to be? From what I can tell, it's supposed to be that the guy's a ghost, not just a stalker, since you've already seen his gravestone, but that seems rather... blatant, to me. Is there something I'm not getting, or is this one of those examples that just doesn't fit, and should have gone in the Troper Tales page if we had one?

Haven: Anyone else find that Cracked article rather unconvincing? It seems like they missed the point quite a lot there (especially for Back to the Future: just because someone's more confident means they're a different person? As for the "he'd have to be institutionalized"—Doc Brown is still around and the time machine still works, so it's not like he doesn't have evidence. His dad would probably be credulous considering he thinks an alien told him to ask his wife out.)

  • berr: Referring to the live action films article, not the page quote. (Aww, I kinda liked the image that went with the page quote showing a Biologically Accurate Pac-man. but if folks don't want to double up on the image being from the same source, I understand.