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Fast Eddie: Killer markup-fu, here.

alliterator: Thanks. It took some fiddling around to get something that actually looked like a footnote.

alliterator: I moved the first seven footnotes to be above the example, just because it's easier to read them that way. The other footnotes can stay where they are (even though the Once More* *With Footnotes thing bugs me because there so far away) though.

Mith: Is there any reason for the "Futnowt Feyvr" redirect? It seems a little far off to be the usual sort of misspelling, but I don't see any reference to explain it. (And on this page, of all pages!)

alliterator: It used to link from Funetik Aksent, but I guess it doesn't anymore.

Nohbody: Question: Do endnotes also count for this trope, or is that something else? I'm thinking in particular of the Posleen War Series novel Watch on the Rhine, by Tom Kratman (Ringo's name on the cover is just advertising, he wasn't a writer), with a metric butt-tonne of endnotes about various items of German history and society, not to mention translations of some of the terms/phrases.

Rissa: Is there a good reason for some of the footnotes to be the numbered type, and some to use hottips? It's a pain in the neck to scroll up and down to read them, the hottips are much easier.