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Working Title: Bare Feet Close Up: From YKTTW
Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Why is this listed as a subjective trope? The fetishistic aspect is subjective, but cameras pointing at people's feet is pretty objective.

Po8: Agreed. Someone apparently already deleted this trope from that list.
Mark Lungo: I think the details of the Quentin Tarantino examples should be moved from Author Appeal to this article. Anyone agree—or disagree?

Sandmaster: They definitely belong here, I think, so I went ahead and copied them over. Whether they should be left at Author Appeal as well, I'll leave up to someone else to decide.

Mark Lungo: Thanks for saving me the work, Sandmaster.
Po8: Why does this "Needs a Better Description. Really."? It seems fine to me… I'm going to take it off that list unless someone can clarify.

Lord TNK: It needed it at first, but not now. Whoever made the better on forgot to delete the message.
Bonsai Forest: Okay, what picture best goes with this article? It had one of Ariel from The Little Mermaid in human form holding up her foot (which was a clear camera focus), but I felt a live-action pic probably worked better. I didn't want to put in something fetishy lest people come across this page by accident (a foot focus isn't just a fetish - it's merely when the camera or story focuses on feet a lot), so I put in this pic from Harriet the Spy. That movie had feet playing a subplot-like role in the story.

Ialdabaoth: Um, would you mind taking that photo out? That appears to be a pre-adolescent (or at most early adolescent) child, and since this has to do with Fetish Fuel, there may be Unfortunate Implications. Ariel is at least not a live-action character, not to mention somewhat older than this Harriet (or whoever she is). Many thanks!

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Agreed. I went ahead and switched back to the Ariel picture. On a random note: there's an entire blog devoted to pictures of anime characters' feet? The internet never ceases to amaze me.

Ialdabaoth: Thank you!

Lord TNK: The trope itself isn't about fetish fuel, but the Ariel picture fits better anyway.

Bonsai Forest: I agree, it isn't about fetish fuel. Whether it is or not is subjective. Ariel is a teen, not an adult, but yeah, she's animated (though if you consider where that scene takes place - just after she changed from a mermaid into a human, there might be Unfortunate Implications if you consider, ahem, what she is wearing).
Mark Lungo: I'd like some context for the ancient Greek example in Real Life. Why was "silver-footed" an insult?
Antwan: Would Saw a Woman in Half count? Sometimes, the magician might tickle the assistant or tell her to wiggle her toes to prove they're real.
"It is speculated that feet are the second most frequently fetishized body part, right after breasts."

Seriously? Is there a source for that? Cause I would think that honor would go to the ass.

I mean, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Carribean, the Meditteraean, Atlanta, Miami...all very bootycentric beauty cultures. The only footcentric one I can think of offhand is the old Chinese foot-binding thing.