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Sikon: I don't see how the Star Wars Expanded Universe qualifies, given that it's not fanfiction.

Micah: "Some fans took exception; a mini-genre of "Zahn fixes" sprang up, that is, "How Tim Zahn could fix this mess." The two this troper remembers were one parallel universe and one bad dream."

Sikon: And the second note, about losing contract to Del Rey?

Scifantasy: More of a historical note than anything else, but it seemed incomplete to not put in a "here's how Tim Zahn did fix this mess" bit.
Looney Toons: Moved the following discussionary comment by Universalperson about Star Wars prequel fics here, in the hopes that discussion will take place on the discussion page:

  • Are there any Fix Fics that actually try to rewrite the prequels themselves, to better fit in the rest of the series?

Universalperson: Sorry; brain fart here.