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Ununnilium: I don't think a "cultural example" really works for this wiki, so I'll just edit it a bit to make it about Big Brother.

Anyone think they could wrap Oblivious Younger Sibling into this, or is it different enough to be separate?

Ununnilium: It's pretty different. Oblivious Younger Sibling is often oblivious to their good points. They overlap, but...

Ack Sed: There seems to be an overlap with Better Than Canon, given how many harem anime have losers as the main character. Or is this wishful thinking?

Ununnilium: These characters are certainly susceptible to Better Than Canon.

Jefepato: Does Hinata really count? Her crush on Naruto seems to be based on an essentially-accurate understanding of his troubles (she doesn't know about the demon fox, but while her crush was developing, neither did he), and he really does handle them better than she although she's clearly a Fan of Underdog in the literal sense, she doesn't seem to fit the trope description at all.