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Anticitizen Two: Quit deleting my edits. If you're one of the guys I'm mocking and you don't like it, maybe you should think twice before defacing the wiki with your immature bragging.

Madacaek: I'm not sure about the Shadow one. I don't think the alien clone stuff is canon. Or do those count too?


No, he didn't, because the phrase isn't a piece of punctuation for any mildly-surprising thing that comes out of your keyboard. u.u

Also, the "parodies" of this (Abe Simpson, Jim from Code Lyoko, Cornfed, etc.) seem to be a different trope entirely. What do you think?

  • In fact nearly any episode that goes into the past would probably count, as it's unlike the series creators thought any of the weird crap in Homer and Marge's lives before the show even started.

Well, the trope isn't so much "stuff is retconned into the characters' pasts" as it is "these retcons have made their pasts overcomplicated and overstuffed".