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Seth: Removed " In "Death and Rebirth"; a similar scene occurs between Shinji and Asuka (who is actually comatose)." because that isn't the kissing trope thats a whole other barrel of fish. Replaced it with a standard usage of the trope earlier in the series.

Messing around with the formatting here before i put it in the entry.

Asuka:It was "you" who missed the timing first. It's because your always slow! Besides why were you awake so late last night?
Shinji: I was doing image training for today's battle!
Asuka: You're lying! You tried to kiss me while I was sleeping didn't you?
Shinji: Unfair! You were awake that time?
Asuka: That's terrible! I meant that as a joke! You really did it? You kissed me?
Shinji: No, I didn't. I stopped.
Asuka: Lech! Molester! Pervert! Unbelievable!
Shinji: It was your fault for sleeping in the wrong bed!

This is a strange mix of translations, i'm trying to pull them together.
Harpie Siren: I am really surprized we don't have a reference to Snow White here... or Sleeping Beauty. They may not fit the bill perfectly, but still, I read this entry and can't help but think of those two fairy tales.

Seth: Sleeping beauty even more so if you think about the original story. Prince fights his way to a castle, rapes a sleeping woman he finds inside (Because that's what you do if you see a girl in a coma?) leaves and then when the baby's are born one wakes mummy up and they toddle off to see the prince and his wife. Snow white is a slightly more standard version but i think this trope is more to do with the tension/feelings thing rather than the True Love's Kiss trope that fairy tales rely on.

For that matter i am adding that.

Kilyle: Is there a trope around for other things (unrelated to love) you do with unconscious people? While reading this page I recalled a couple instances.

First, the chance to humiliate the sleeper. In Ranma 1/2, the male skater gets punched into oblivion yet is still standing up. The whole team doodles on him, and he wakes up later to find his face covered in makeup and his clothes covered in words ("hentai," "Give me back my girlfriend!" etc.). There's a bit in M*A*S*H where BJ wakes up naked beneath a sheet in the nurses' tent, and the sheet is fixed to the bed, so he has to just grab at a pillow, and backs out the door to find a full audience waiting. I think I recall similar scenes wherein someone falls asleep and wakes up in the oddest places. And at times they're aware of the possibility so try desperately to not go to sleep (I think this happens in Malcolm in the Middle at least once).

Secondly, there's the chance to use sleep to check out something, or to make the sleeper do or go through something he would not willingly do if awake. The Scotsman song, of course ("wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt?"). Could take a DNA or blood sample, perhaps. Or how Nabiki took pictures of girl Ranma while Ranma slept. And on a less squicky note, my brother hides whenever he sees a camera, but if I really wanted to, I could snap a couple shots while he slept so we'd at least have something in our photo album. Anyway, is there a trope around for using sleep to check something, anything, while the guy isn't awake enough to hide it? Of course, one of the subversions is a guy who can defend himself even while sleeping....

Dentaku: I don't quite agree with the example of Kannazuki No Miko. Himeko actually wakes up and holds Chikane pretty tight during the kiss. Granted: she's in quite a dazed state, but not unconscious.

Tabby: Removed the duplicate Kill Bill example.

RadicalTaoist: Anyone seen MidoriNoHibi? I'm wondering if the scene where Seiji and Midori visited her sleeping body would count. It's a particularly hilarious example as the groping of the naked coma victim is partially performed by the victim herself.