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Travis Wells: Re: Gilgamesh. This is too thready for the main page, but someone pointed out the solution to me (in relation to an idiot friend who claimed to be "one-third native american"): Incest. You've got God A, God B, and Human C. God A has a child with God B (Child AB) ,and a child with Human C (Child AC). Children AB and AC (Half-siblings) have Gilgamesh. He's genetically 3/4ths "God" (whatever that means) but his ancestry is 2/3rds God. (Since he only has three grandparents, and two of them are gods. )

Red Wren: It could be something like, well, genetics/magic. If genetics: let's take blood type, and pretend, for the sake of the argument, that there is a third blood type, C, the blood type of the gods. Gilgamesh has, due to some O's in the background, blood type ACC. If magic, then...magic?