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Ununnilium: I wouldn't say that either Daffy or Homer fits here.

osh: I think this could include the particularly bad points in Daffy's career but, yeah, probably best to chop.

Haphazard: Homer probably doesn't, but I remember in the YKTTW that Daffy was the one recommended.

Ununnilium: Pulling 'em out. IMHO, we need more straight examples before we get into these marginal ones.

Used comedically, this gives you such characters like Daffy Duck and Homer Simpson, and while amusing characters, are usually considered Jerk Ass. Though these characters aren't usually pure Dirty Cowards, they often have dirty coward-like tendencies.

Crowley: Cleaned up a messy comment: original below.

  • Starscream seems to almost revel in it. From Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, in an exchange with Megatron:
    Starscream: <s>My Lord, cowards... survive.</s> Not to call you a coward, Master, but... sometimes, cowards do survive.
    • A. I put in the correct line, but left the screwed-up quote as a reminder, and B. That's more an example of Know When to Fold 'Em. Megatron had lost an arm and half his face, their boss had just had his spark torn out, and they were next.