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Rebochan: But there *wasn't* a dentist in BioShock...the enemies are all doctors of different types, but not specifically dentists.

Houdini: Eh, I suppose you have a point. My friends and I pretty much agreed he (referring to the picture) was a dentist, I guess I figured it carried over. The internet refers to him as a dentist at points too. :P Nothing too reputable behind it. Still creepy as hell. Does the fact that we figure he's one count for anything?

Rebochan: Well they don't say he isn't a dentist...and the rambling he does is generic enough that he could be a lot of things. There is also a dental office, so it's not hard to imagine a few depraved dentists mixed in with the crazed plastic surgeons and what not. Admittedly, the first thing *I* think of with this page is Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors, but finding a creepy picture of him without just buying the DVD and doing it myself isn't turning up anything.

Regiment: Regarding the "dentist" in BioShock: From a technical standpoint, he's just another generic doctor Splicer who happens to scare the living crap out of you appear in a dentist's office. I'd say he counts as a Depraved Dentist.

Also: The current picture is WAY too big- anyone want to trim it?