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BT The P: Re: Dog Day Afternoon, I thought Sonny was just a badly-characterized gay man?

Twin Bird: The real Sonny was bisexual, and between this fact, his love for his "real" wife, and the lengths he went to for Leon's surgery, I think it's safe to say the character was bi.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I don't think he really counts as an example of this trope, though.
Burai: Removed ...
* Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from Batman.
... because I don't quite think mere subtext counts the trope is Depraved Bisexual, not Depraved Ho Yay (though anecdotal reports from Wikipedia suggest that Ivy might count all by herself).

Twin Bird: Eh...I'm going to remove Inara as a subversion. Aside from being bisexual, there are no "indicators" on her, like there are with Sonny (bank robber) or Mystique (comic book villain). She's an archetypal Hooker with a Heart of Gold, like a bisexual Kitty. In space! Listing her leads down a road I'm not sure this article should go down (spoiler: it ends with Zoe from Venus Envy listed as a subversion)...

Twin Bird: Removed:
Jodie Beretta from Loserz. OK, she's not evil, just had sex with a lot of people.

Because, well, that's kind of another trope.

Twin Bird: I'm thinking of using this as a page quote: I have never been mean, Never been as bad as it may have seemed. I have never been vile, Never been twisted or unkind.
—The Ark, "A Virgin Like You"

But I'm worried that those who aren't familiar with the semi-obscure (in America!) band won't see what it has to do with bisexuality, and even I think the connection to depravity is a bit of a stretch. Still, when I heard those lyrics, I thought "hmm...this is it."

So...if there aren't any objections in a couple days...

Twin Bird: Is the distinction between "bisexual" and "omnisexual" really one that occurs to anyone but Queer Studies majors? Also, "and this editor finds it funny - duh." I know that This Is Not Wikipedia, but that seems a little jarring.

I'm not going to make either of those changes myself, though, because this is starting to look like my pet project; I need to back off a bit.
Man Without A Body wonders, "What does the quote have to do with this trope?"
Alkthash I think Diamond Back's partner was joking when she said "Honey I'm home". So far in Super Stupor strips she's only been shown to be interested in men.
janitor: Not sure why this was thought to be a way to open the article ...
''I have never been mean,
Never been as bad as it may have seemed.
I have never been vile,
Never been twisted or unkind.''
-The Ark, "A Virgin Like You"
... as it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the trope.
Strangeland: Tila Tequila should really be mentioned on this page.

Twin Bird: Didn't there use to be a picture of Frank N. Furter at the top of the page?
Rogue 7: Since when did Suzumiya Haruhi actually state that she's bi? I would have thought I'd seen that referenced in other places around the wiki.

Taelor: It's been a while since I've read the books, but I seem to recall her saying something along the lines of: "I don't care about male or female, as long as their interesting." NB: it's been even longer since I've seen the anime, so I don't know if that line made it in. She definitely is bisexual, though. Her actions towards both Kyon and Mikuru demonstrate that.

Twin Bird: Yeah, it's in the second/first episode, pretty early, when she's telling Kyon about her exes. It's in the light novels, too. "I am fine with aliens or similar things as long as they are not normal. Be they male or female."
Jonn: When was Xerxes from 300 confirmed as bi? I noticed a harem full of ''women', and he got rather touchy-feely with Leonidas, but that's just plain Ho Yay.
"Despite the trope being loaded with bigotry, ignorance and general unpleaseantness and offensiveness, both to real-world bisexuals and indeed anyone with more than half a brain cell to their name, it sadly still crops up in modern works."

That's rather loaded, isn't it? Especially to those of us who are Depraved Bisexuals in real life.