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I would like to submit that the the Order of the Stick prequel books were not Black and White as an artistic statment. The author has stated that it was simply to decrease production costs. So... Maybe delete that section from the page? -Paladineer
  • So far, no one has raised any objections. I am going to make the change. Feel free to object. -Paladineer

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: I think the Limited Palette section could use more clarification to make it sound less like Splash Of Color Only More So, as there are movies that use limited palettes without being mostly in black-in-white, like Dick Tracy.

Earnest: My brain feels mushy from the sorting, but I'm fairly confident it's well sorted. There's a few in-between examples I had to "dump" in straight Black and White, but other than that I think this was for the better. Interestingly, theres a fair number of examples where "colorizing" takes place either as a plot quest or related event, maybe enough for *shudder* another subcategory or trope itself.
Nezumi: Okay, where does Mirror's Edge go? I figured it'd fall somewhere under this trope... but its stylistic decision regarding colors, in which it's consistently near-monochrome dominated by a varying color, with Red standing out to show important items doesn't seem to technically fall under any of the types currently listed. Is it another trope entirely? Or something that's not even a trope?

Earnest: It sounds like Limited Palette, but I'm not familiar enough with it to say so definitively.
Carnildo: Where do works with a monochrome but non-black-and-white palette go? I'm thinking things like The Makeshift Miracle ( where each page is shades of a single color. It doesn't fit any of the existing groups because there's no black-and-white (the sepias of the first page are about as close as it gets).

Earnest: Well, it seems most like Desaturating with a non-sepia color theme imposed. But hey, I'm not above saying the artist isn't trying to go for something completely different than the three variants presented here.
Thinks Too Much: A Made of Lose to whoever forgot that The Giver appearing on this page is a significant spoiler. I put the work title in spoiler tags to try to avoid making it useless as an example; if someone else thinks it should be placed all in spoiler tags, be my guest.