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Prfnoff: It was noted by Arivne in a YKTTW discussion that, "The description of Rushmore Refacement says it applies to carving faces on landmarks that already have faces on them, so technically speaking many of the examples on it (such as all the Moon-altering examples) shouldn't be there." Therefore, I decided to split it. I'm not sure my description's good enough, but I'm mighty pleased with the trope name.

  • Just a random reader / passerby, not a true troper. But I wanted to point out that situations where somebody defaces the moon, nobody ever takes into account that it only works in one hemisphere. A message that appears normal in Canada is upside down in Australia. It was a bit of a Fridge Moment for me realizing the the heart at the end of Hancock would probably look like an ass in new zealand. ~~~~ Jacq