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Sylvia Sybil: Deleted the following. Didn't think we needed the flame bait, and it's off topic anyway.

  • The death penalty is an anomaly in the 21st century. There is or should be no debate - in a civilised world, it ought not to exist. Vengeance is wrong, and capital punishment deters no one.
    • Not only that but it costs more to give a criminal a "humane" death over keeping them in prison for life. That's where your tax money going, my fellow Americans.
    • The world isn't civilised.


Honore DB: Should villainous examples go here too? I'm thinking Gangs of New York ("Let him be a curiosity! The man spared by the Butcher!") and Farscape ("I condemn you, John live! That your thirst for unfilled revenge...will CONSUME YOU!").