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Retnuh: Would the story mode from Super Smash Bros Brawl count as a Crisis Crossover?

Ununnilium: You know, you don't have to detail out the entire history of Marvel Comics. >>;

Kendra Kirai: I do if it's relevant. :) You really should have left in the Secret Wars II stuff though..that was a true Crisis Crossover. The Beyonder was screwing with the entire world. Secret Wars (the first one) just brought a bunch of folks someplace else.

Oh! And don't forget Onslaught! That covered the entire line, too! Even had some lasting consequences, for about a year...then was Hero Reborn.

Ununnilium: Yeah, but describing those all wouldn't have brought anything new to the entry. And Secret Wars II was a "purer" example of the Crisis Crossover, but it was also one of the least interesting and least anything-changing stories in comics. ...actually, I should put something in about that.

Kendra Kirai: I suppose that's a point..And hey, good going finding that crossover index. I'd forgotten about these things...Invasion! for one is a major brought us the concept of 'Metahumans'. Of course, Marvel has recently for their Earth/Universe/paradise X trilogy as the 'Celestial seeds'...Marvel isn't very good at these crossover events, it seems, though they do seem to do a much better job of the individual crossovers between two or three books than DC manages. Oho, and Joker: Last Laugh...Our Worlds At War really screwed things up...gotta find a collection of that...

Ununnilium: I've heard Invasion! was good, but I've never read it (except for the Animal Man crossover).

Your Obedient Serpent: I deleted the comment that "DC isn't planning to do any more for a while", since IC was followed by 52, and 52 will be followed by Countdown. Also — should Red Skies Crossover be its own entry?

Ununnilium: Sigh. Neither 52 nor Countdown is a Crisis Crossover, dammit. They're self-contained limited series, where the events have consequences in the larger DCU, but there's no actual crossover - you can buy the Blue Beetle or Teen Titans issues that influence and are influenced by 52, and understand them perfectly without buying 52 itself.

However, since there are reports that there's going to be another coming after Countdown, I'll leave the sentence off.

Also, yes, Red Skies Crossover is an awesome, needed entry, good job. >>v
johniboi @Ununnilium, Who the hell made you the wiki police? Seriously man, take the pickle out of your ass.

Ununnilium: Contest of Champions wasn't a Crisis Crossover; it was a self-contained miniseries. Reverting. (Also changing the Secret Wars entry back, because it says right there that it came a year before.)

Haven: Took out-

  • The New York version of CSI has also done a crossover with Cold Case.

- because that's an Intercontinuity Crossover (I think), not a Crisis Crossover. I'm also not really sure if Subspace Emissary counts as one, because it's an Alternate Continuity. Also, because it's an Intercontinuity Crossover, and Crisis Crossovers are usually within the same continuity. Different series, but same continuity. But I'm gonna leave it, because it definitely fits the spirit of the Crisis Crossover - bringing together a bunch of typically separate heroes for the purpose of having one Crowning Moment of Awesome after another.

Pikawil: By that reasoning for SSE, we'd also have to debate whether Kingdom Hearts, Nicktoons Unite, Super Robot Wars and Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (among others) fit the bill. Hmmm...

Bring The Noise: Cut the reference to Dark Reign. There is no central event, except Osborn taking power (which occurred in Secret Invasion), and all the books involved can be read independently without losing out.