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Does the addition of Baby Poof to The Fairly Odd Parents count here as an animated example? or is it too early to tell?

Does Nancy Oleson from Little House on the Prarie count? she seemed more a Jonas Quinn for Nellie though - maybe she was a bit of both.

What about characters that fit this description but are not kids? Like Zack on Joey, or Howard on Andy Griffith, or Larrabee on Get Smart, or Reverend Jim on Taxi, or Ted Mc Ginley on Happy Days, or Ted Mc Ginley on The Love Boat, or Ted Mc Ginley on Married With Children? Hmm. Maybe it should be a "Ted Mc Ginley".

Shoebox: Nancy Oleson was definitely more a Jonas Quinn - the show itself made it clear that she was Mrs. Oleson's substitute for married-and-gone Nellie. And on the larger scale, of course, all those new Ingalls kids needed a new adversary.

Paul A: There's a 1955 film called Simon and Laura, which is set behind the scenes of a hit TV show, and points out a bunch of TV tropes, including a Cousin Oliver (15 years before the eponymous Cousin Oliver). I'm not sure what, if anything, this proves, but I figured it was worth mentioning.