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Looney Toons: Removed this comment from the examples:

(I seem to recall something similar happening in a cartoon once, possibly Around the World in Eighty Days. - Darmok)

Oh, and Darmok? If the new YKTTW page allows yet, the usual procedure is to copy the discussion from YKTTW over to the new entry's discussion page.

Darmok: I assume you mean move the discussion from YKTTW. (i.e. copy it to here and delete it from YKTTW) One cannot delete from YKTTW, only add.

Paul A: It is, now, possible to move discussions from YKTTW. I have done so (see link, above).

Rogue 7:So does the eclipse in Avatar: The Last Airbender count? It was set up pretty well, but still fits, I think.

ruben: I think the entry on Apocalypto is wrong. Due to the priest and the king giving each other a knowing glance, it's strongly implied that they knew the eclipse was going to happen, to impress their populace into servitude. The hero's luck was to be in line when the eclipse happened, to the eclipse happening per se.

Fredd: A lunar eclipse only takes place in King Solomon's Mines in the revised edition (published in late 1890s). In the original version it was a solar eclipse, which had more astronomical inaccuracies than using a lunar eclipse. When the troper refers to a book on eclipses in the second entry for King Solomon's Mines, I assume it is the original text the book is referring to.