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Johnny E: Created redirect from Dude Magnet for the Distaff Counterpart.

Sparkysharps: Was that really such a good idea? Yes, we have female examples, but they're all female examples of chicks attracting other chicks

Seikai: I actually think that it would be a better idea to make a new trope called Dude Magnet instead of creating a redirect. Just like what Sparkysharps says, most of the examples do not actually contain Distaff Counterpart examples of women attracting a bunch of men. And I'm very sure that there will be enough examples to fit there to justify making it a new trope.

Some Guy: Uh...what's the page picture actually from? It's obviously not Batman: The Animated Series because I'm pretty sure that show did not utilize thought bubbles.

Kit329: I agree with Seikai. We need an individual trope for Dude Magnet. All the examples here are of men attracting women, and the trope's description is the same. It's not going to work with only a redirect.