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Meta4: Overhauled the article text. Below is the old version:

Our heroes are in the middle of a battle or Chase Scene aboard some sort of flying craft, when one of the stars of the show falls out from a fatal height.

The pilot, thinking quickly, dives sharply in pursuit of their falling friend, and either positions the craft underneath to catch them, in which case they land uninjured regardless of how fast they were falling, or else flies parallel to them, and someone pulls them back in by the wrist. In the latter case, the diving craft will just barely pull out of the dive before smacking into the ground.

A related variation involves a character falling from some other height, outside the craft, be it a tall building, the Inevitable Waterfall, or just an area with No OSHA Compliance. Compare with Take My Hand.

Brickman: The Cave Story example was factually incorrect, as Balrog doesn't catch you at all in the good ending; I fixed it to only reference the ending in which this really happens.