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Working Title: Car Fu: From YKTTW

Don't forget GTA! (though you do need to make sure the car doesn't blow up. In GTA 4, the car doesn't stop all the bullet either - you can still take damage.

Would the game of "Chicken" count? I don't see any examples here, nor can I find a trope to represent it.

The Nifty: A bunch of these should probably be moved to Ramming Always Works.

Eric DVH: The internet has failed me. I remember reading an absolutely hilarious fanfic years ago, making fun of all the “Enterprise vs. X” debates, where the Enterprise was destroyed by a minivan, but I can't find it.

Mr Death: I'm probably just complaining here, but what's the point of the new name? It seems to refer to a car that's only available in Japan. I get it, it's a pun, but it seems unnecessary. Someone also went through the Die Hard and Terminator pages and replaced Car Fu with An Isuzu Wizard Did It (I've since reverted them). If the trope name were changed that would be one thing, but I don't see the point in changing it to a page that just redirects here anyway (plus, I think Car Fu is a much more intuitive name, considering the vast majority of people using the wiki will never have heard of the Isuzu Wizard except via the note on this page).
  • Ryanasaurus0077: Actually, the Wizard IS available in the United States. It was just renamed the Rodeo Stateside. Means I think many a troper will have seen a Wizard on the road in the form of the Rodeo but might not know the Rodeo is the American version of the Wizard. Also, I added a link to The Other Wiki's page on the Wizard for reference.

Mr Death: That's what I meant. The redirect name means nothing to American and English speaking Tropers, because the car's got an entirely different name here. It's not that they "might not know" the Rodeo is the American version of the Wizard, it's that they're almost sure not to know that it was ever called the Wizard in the first place. A trope name ought to be intuitive, if nothing else, and Car Fu is already that, so there's no point in going into places where it's already listed as Car Fu and giving it the more confusing name.

Mr Death: "The least this site could do"? What, like it owes the title something? From what I understand, other alternate titles come about through common usage, or when a trope name changes, and those alternate titles are still intuitive. An Isuzu Wizard Did It isn't going to make sense to anyone who doesn't know about the Isuzu Wizard (when I first saw it I thought it was for some car-based Deus ex Machina or something), and being that the wiki's main audience is Americans, that's going to include the vast majority of them.
  • Ryanasaurus0077: Maybe when this page gets translated to Japanese, An Isuzu Wizard Did It could be used as the official title. (The ongoing Japanese translation could use English titles for tropes, since English words are gratituously used a lot in Japan.)

Ghilz: So I'm not the only one wondering where the fuck that alternate name came from? I've removed the following passage "Also known as An Isuzu Wizard Did It, after the Japanese SUV known as the Isuzu Wizard. The above image is of an actual Wizard and not of its American counterpart, the Isuzu Rodeo." Sure, it's a clever pun, but a rapid look at the "related to" and google shows that this name is never used to refer to this trope, except for that one passage. So this trope is evidently not also known as, since no one else uses the name! I've kept the image (I do like the caption that goes with it, though personally I'd recommend using the cover of Action Comic #1. Wasn't it the original page image anyway?).