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Wiki: Good Hair, Evil Hair pretty much covers this, and has all the examples. Not into all that Lumper vs. Splitter or whatever stuff, just pointin it out.

Seth: I only just found about about this page, wondering where this stands now that we have Good Hair, Evil Hair.

Earnest: Well, it mentions pretty much the same things that Good Hair, Evil Hair does already, and has three inbound links. I'd vote for a lump, the other option being to use this trope exactly as the title says and fill it with the examples of evil beards from Good Hair, Evil Hair, which would make it... plain old good hair, I guess, which would require renaming it... so yea, I vote lump.

Morgan Wick: Also, this is only one or two days old, and GHEH is older.

Spiritsunami: But is it really just Beard of Evil? I'm thinking more like "Beard of Power". I could think of a bunch of examples that don't really fit anywhere with the current set of hair tropes. Many of them involve real-life examples—like the world of professional sports. Add facial hair, play better.

Played with a bit in DS 9 episode Defiant. Thomas Riker pretends to be William T. Riker in order to steal the Defiant. To do this, he has to wear fake sideburns to convert his goatee beard into a full scale William T. Riker beard (he removes the sideburns when the theft is complete). Though, he isn't exactly evil.

Micah: Removed due to quote overload:
Sio Bibble: I'm Governor Sio Bibble, the Queen's trusted advisor.
Qui-Gon: Advisor? Hmmm. Does he have a goatee?
GM: Yes, actually, he does.
Qui-Gon: We keep an eye on him.