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Discussion from Uncle Iroh, leading up to the name change.

Cassius335: I think there might just be room for both this page and Cool Old Guy if divided correctly. Surprised it wasn't The Uncle Iroh, though.

Rogue 7: Perhaps this one for badass old guys and Cool Old Guy for, well, Cool old guys.

Dan: .....yeah, this is just Cool Old Guy But More So. Cut it.

Pk Mario: ...No. Uncle Iroh is for old guys who are strong and kick ass. Cool Old Guy are just old guys who are cool. Look at the examples: Goku isn't a Cool Old Guy, Doc Brown isn't Uncle Iroh, and look at all the Real Life examples of Cool Old Guy, none of these are Uncle Iroh's.

Etrangere: it's a horrible name for it, though (and I'm an Avatar fan!) not because Iroh doesn't fit but because seeing the name Iroh doesn't really inform the content of the trope.

That Other 1 Dude: I agree with Etrangere. How about something Badass Grandpa?

Dae Khar El: Cool and Badass are not the same thing, so this should stay, but I also don't like this trope's name. Badass Grandpa is much more descriptive and accurate, even if it lacks a certain flair, and will help people understand that this isn't just Cool Old Guy, as Uncle Iroh is most definitely also a Cool Old Guy.

Unknown Troper: Badass Grandpa works. This is definitely distinct from Cool Old Guy, though. Not all CO Gs are badass. You could make a debate that all Badass Grandpas are CO Gs, which would make this a subtrope of COG.

Jim: I have a suggestion: Rule Number One. Specifically, Rule No. 1 is this: Do Not Act Incautiously When Confronted By Small Bald Wrinkly Grinning Old Men. Inspired by Lu-Tze, Monk of Time, who invented a martial art which involves kicking you in the back of the head several seconds ago.

Gloating Swine: Cut

  • It is heavily hinted at that stopping Sauron himself wouldn't have been difficult for a Gandalf who completely cut loose. Nonetheless, Gandalf always (vaguely) explains his job is to 'guide and advice, not interfere'. This is coupled with many examples of characters who overstep their boundaries and become antagonists (like Saruman) or people who just create distrust and suspicion in others (like Denethor).

For a start, it's wandering off course, but also it's not factually accurate. Sauron was the most powerful of the Maiar (the same order of being as Gandalf). Gandalf himself flat out states that Sauron was "mightier than I am".

For the record, I was going to add this before realizing it didn't say the wheelchair woman was old. —Document N

Trigger Loaded: Changed...

  • And from Zelda games that actually count, there's always Impa from Ocarina of Time and the Hero's Shade and Auru from Twilight Princess.

While Impa has been old in various versions of the game, she didn't look old at all in OOT. Sure, she may be old yet hide her age well, but it's never specified. I always thought she was just in her 30's, and the grey hair was a Sheikah (sp?) trait. Similarly... Okay, can ghosts count as Badass Grandpas? Actually, I should put this one back, as I haven't played Twilight Princess. Maybe the Shade is an old man in this one... Yeah, my bad. I'll put it back, but is he really an old man?

Completely took out...

  • All of the Protoss in StarCraft are several centuries old, but the most amazing of them are old even by their standards. Tassadar has possibly the most iconic Crowning Moment of Awesome in the series, Fenix is a warrior who continues to be one of the greatest warriors in the series even after crippling injuries land him in a robotic suit, Zeratuel currently leads the whole world and travels the galaxy unwinding an ancient conspiracy, and even Obstructive Bureaucrat Aldaris has his moments. On the Terran side, the main Badass Grandpa is also a bit of a Smug Snake, Edmund Duke, who is such a conniving bastard you probably don't even root for him to win when he's on your side. In the upcoming sequel, Jim Raynor seems to have become one of these

By Protoss Standards, Tassadar was a young'un, and Fenix wasn't old at all. They aren't Badass Grandpas just because they're older than human norms. Same with Zeratul. He's older than those two, but not really a Grandpa. Duke, likewise, didn't strike me as all that old. Maybe in his fourties and fifties, but being a general, that's not all that suprising. And Jim Raynor doesn't look Grandpa old in the upcoming game, just a bit more mature.