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I thoroughly approve of this page's existence. Good show. :D -GG Crono

I'd quibble with the first entry. Sauron was less of an obstacle to Aragorn's kingship than Denethor was. —Tamfang

This Trope's title is Made of Win

Is there a similar thing to this, where the A Mo C is supposed to be awesome, but falls flat on its face, and comes out cheesy and non-awesome?

Daibhid C: Fixed the Wyrd Sisters entry, which for some reason had been changed to be completely wrong.

Would Jesus' baptism in the Bible count as an Awesome Moment of Crowning since it was basically his induction into Judaism?

This trope name bugs me. for sone reason, every time I see it I think of someone giving birth. (Explanation: Crowning is when the head of the infant remains visible in the birth canal and doesn’t slip back).