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Gorgon: First pull...
Lampshaded in Malibu's Most Wanted, both when the Asian who owns the convenience store mentions how most robberies go well, no violence, and how when money is given instead of an actual robbery, the owner, his wife, and his child all produce machine guns to show what would have happened had robbery been tried.

... because I just could not get from it to English.

Fly: Was going to add Apu from The Simpsons until I remembered that I'm British and what I think of as an Asian is different to what you lot think of as an Asian. Sorry!

Silent Hunter: Yes, I've encountered that myself (I'm also British). We probably ought to have an entry explaining that here Asian means Far Eastern, or differentiate between "South Asian" and "East Asian".

Fast Eddie: The distinction makes no difference in the trope.

Air Of Mystery: Thanks to Monochromatic Casting the trope itself doesn't show up in many Aussie programs, but there are plenty of (East) Asians that run newsagents in Australia.