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  • The Death Note, from Death Note, while more of an Artifact of Doom, also brings about the premature death of it's users. Misa Amane has her lifespan halved twice, though Misa also had her lifespan extended twice by Rem and Jealous sacrificing themselves for her. She still commits suicide by the end of the story in some versions. Light is also a victim of life shortening, his original lifespan, in Shinigami time, supposedly came out to a bit more than 80 years. However, since Light is Kira, Ryuk is obligated to kill him at anytime he deems appropriate, which he does when Matsuda fatally wounds Light. Had Light never used the note, he would have lived his full lifespan. Though it would have been a pretty boring series.

I would't really say the Death Note counts. The users' deaths are not directly caused by the Death Note, it's just a side effect. Misa's shorter lifespan is due to her making the exchange for shinigami eyes, not using the book in and of itself. As for Light, Ruyk could well have waited until Light's full lifespan had run out before he wrote his name in the notebook.

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  • There's a couple of books about a magic ring that had some unfortunate results for mortals who tried to keep possession of it....

The One Ring may be bad news, but it isn't an Artifact of Death per se. On the contrary, it increases the lifespan of its wearer, as seen with Bilbo and Gollum. Of course, in Gollum's case, the quality of said life is questionnable...