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//This is what I think should happen:

// Create a new entry for Archetypal Character and put the current Archetype entry in there.

// Add an entry for Archetypal Theme

// Add an entry for Archetypal Plot

// New description for Archetype, something like "An Archetype is a universal theme, story or character which is so fundamental that regardless of how many times it is used (or mis-used) it never becomes stale, dated or cliched. As opposed to a trope which starts out as a good idea (otherwise it would never be used enough to become a trope) but eventually becomes overused, tired or obsolete."

//As it stands we're limited to character archtypes which is incomplete.

//While avoiding turning this site into a bunch of unreadable Lit Crit mumbo jumbo is a Good Thing, IMHO if we ignore well established concepts we're in danger of creating our own Elephant in the Living Room. - CT

//I like this. I'd say "pull the trigger". -- Weremonkey Gus